Confident Little Girls Can Change the World!

At Singers Company, this is our mission.

We believe that there is beauty and value in each and EVERY voice.

We believe that when girls feel confident & empowered they make better decisions, look for the good in others and grow up to be powerful women & moms.

We believe that these confident girls change the world one person, family & community at a time.

We sing, we move, and most of all -
we have fun!

Singers Company is more than just hitting notes and following steps; it inspires confidence for girls, provides a non-competitive opportunity for them to perform, and allows them quality time to create lifelong friendships and memories.

The joy found through music and dance is just the vehicle used to help accomplish these goals and strengthen the innate good that is already within each of them.


Classes Mondays during the traditional school year 3:00-4:50

Pre-k & Kindergarteners: 3:10-4:00 P.m. 1st - 3th Graders: 4:10-5:00 P.m.

Cost: $60.00 per girl, per month
Shows: Shows Are Performed In Early December & Early June. Shows Are Free To Attend.
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    Erika Johnson

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    Talega, CA

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