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Erika Johnson

CA: Talega

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I was born in Provo, Utah and raised in Seattle, Washington. I have spent the last 18 years living in Southern California.


I am the oldest of 5 children and very much a momma-hen. We grew up in a musical household with instruments playing or people singing anytime someone was awake. I have been married for 20 years to the love of my life and together we have 4 beautiful children, 1 boy (15) and 3 girls (13, 10, and 8) all of whom have been or are currently Singers Company girls!


I love to exercise, teach, read, and play with my children.


I graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Microbiology and got my teaching credential. From there I taught High School Biology in LA County for 4 years before having children. I LOVED teaching and am thrilled to be a director with Singers Company and be working with children again.

My oldest daughter started Singers Company when she was 4 and it was amazing to watch her blossom from this shy, not-willing-to-talk-to-adults girl into a confident, energetic one. I have seen what Singers Company did for her self esteem and am thrilled to be able to share this wonderful program with the girls in our area. I feel so blessed to be a part of this program that has impacted my family and look forward to sharing wonderful moments with the girls of the Talega area.

Erika Johnson's location Talega, CA


Erika Johnson

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CA: Talega

“"Singers Company is SO MUCH MORE than hitting notes and steps. It’s friendships; it’s confidence; it’s happiness. It’s where EVERY girl is a star and EVERY voice is heard!"”

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