Positive and Empowering

“Singers Company was such a great experience for our daughter... so positive and empowering. I couldn’t believe she got up there and sang a little solo part at the show!  Thank you, Erika, for helping her confidence grow!”

Parent of a 6 year old, San Clemente

Teaching Little Girls How to Shine

After doing much research into a program that would incorporate dancing and fun for a little girl, we stumbled upon singers company and could not be happier that we did! Our daughter loves going to Singers weekly and performing with her friends, and has gained self confidence along the way! Thank you, Ms. Erika, for teaching these little girls how to shine! 

Parent of a 4 year old, San Clemente

An Amazing Confidence Builder

Singers Company was my daughters first introduction to any kind of singing or music program, and it was just perfect.  She was encouraged to come out of her shell in a safe, fun environment, and it was an amazing confidence builder for her.  Ms. Erika does a wonderful job and I highly recommend this darling program.

Parent of a 5 year old, San Clemente

Sings Out Confidently

My girls are crazy about Singers Company! Each semester I give them a few options of extra-curricular activities they can participate in and Singers Company has ranked #1 each time. Before the first time we did Singers Co. my oldest daughter was petrified to sing in public, and now she sings out confidently and is passionate about performing. I am so glad I gave her this opportunity to grow.

Parent of a 4 & 8 year old, San Clemente

Wonderful, Positive Environment

Singers Company has built up my daughter’s confidence on stage while affording her new friendships in a wonderful, positive environment! We love Singer’s Company and Miss Erika is the best!!!!!

Parent of a 9 year old, San Clemente